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Mortgaging a Fixer-Upper: How to Get the Right Financing

FHA 203k financing — The dream of home ownership with a superior loan structure. No matter how you get to it, home ownership is a good thing. It means you have stepped outside of the realm of renting and are moving toward financial stability. A less expensive route for homeowners is to purchase an older…

Making Fantasy a Reality: How to Finance Your Home Renovations

Wondering how to finance your home renovations? Finding lenders for home renovations is neither difficult or fraught with time-consuming strictures. With the explosion in the number of lenders providing packages that can be tailored to your specific needs, it’s nearly impossible not to find a match. The loan industry has expanded aggressively in the past…

Are You Eligible? A Definitive Guide to FHA 203k Loan Requirements

A FHA 203k loan is a perfect financial vehicle for first-time home buyers with limited budgets, especially because the prospective buyer can select an affordably priced fixer-upper or as-is home, and, with one single mortgage, have the funds for both the repairs and the price of the home included at closing. But, before you dive…

FHA 203k Full vs. Streamline: Which is Right For You?

These days, buying a house is far from being a simple process.  In order to get the best deal, you want to — as they say — buy low and sell high. That means buying houses in good locations for less than they are worth in the long run. Oftentimes, that means buying a house that…

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