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An Ideal Economic Destination: Turnkey Properties in Northeast Ohio

Northeast Ohio is a great place to live, work and play. Nestled along the edge of Lake Erie, the market — and its many business offerings and turnkey properties — boasts one of the largest metropolitan areas that the nation has to offer. Recently, Northeast Ohio has been named the 12th largest economic region in the…

Six Markets To Consider When Property Investing

Property investing can be a lucrative and exciting endeavor, especially when you invest in markets that are rising — or are going to rise — in value. The key is identifying those growing markets. The following are six up-and-coming markets that you should consider when property investing. Market values shift, of course, but these areas…

Faith or No Faith, that is the Question…Turnkey Investment Buying Success

This is not about religion, this is pure and raw Real Estate Investing speak, I do consider myself somewhat of a Pro, not just because of my self-proclaimed designation, but because I have been reading, mentoring, suggesting, participating and just following forums, posts, the marketplace, blogs, the entire plethora of resources offered on this subject…

Cleveland – The Next Frontier for Institutional Investors

Nestled next to the largest body of freshwater in the world, Cleveland is about new business growth and an uptick in employment. New construction is on the rise. That catapults this area into the realm of the Next Frontier for institutional investors considering residential housing investments in the US. Among Cleveland’s assets are its flex…

Retirement Bliss: Cash Flow with True Turnkey Real Estate

Consistent, self-sustaining income is a lifelong retirement goal for everyone. When that income is attained without much time or effort from the retiree, that isn’t just an achievement; it is what we call retirement bliss. Acquiring turnkey real estate investments for a steady source of retirement income can help investors systematically build a diversified portfolio…

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