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Turnkey Real Estate Investment

Everyone wants to invest their money in a way that makes it grow consistently, but not everyone knows where to begin. Turnkey Real Estate Investment is a smart way to diversify your portfolio, but it can be intimidating.

With Smartland®, safely diversify your investment strategy with a real estate play that promises immediate cashflow and long-term success.

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Real Estate Investor Testimonials

Actual Vacancy rate is 6%

With the help of our expert leasing agents and marketing team at Smartland®, we are constantly filling our vacant properties. We only have homes in high demand neighborhoods that couples and families are looking for, where they can be happy and send their children to excellent schools. At Smartland®, we pride ourselves in having options available for potential tenants. Our leasing agents work non-stop to make sure we place great tenants in even greater homes.

Tenant Retention Rate/Renewal: 80%

We always make sure that we place high quality tenants in our homes. These are the type of tenants we want to make sure stay and prosper in our homes. We provide more than just a home to our tenants, we also provide a service. With our strategy we make sure our tenants are happy and want to stay. We make sure to be honest and upfront with our tenants. Tenants have found our 24/7 maintenance team more helpful than any other place they have lived. Unlike other rental homes, we take expert care of our homes. We make sure every home is up to the Smartland® standard. Since all of our homes have been remolded, tenants find themselves not wanting to leave.

Tenant Avg. Occupancy: 24.125 months:

Lease lengths are one of the core aspects of a successful landlord-tenant relationship. One of the highest costs in Real Estate Investing, is tenant turnover (vacancies). Longer leases and tenant retention equals higher profit. We do not lease homes for anything less than 12 months. We encourage our tenants to sign for 24 months. This allows us to avoid vacancy costs, and it allows the tenant to be locked in at a rate they can afford in the future. We explain to them that longer leases ensure stable rates.

Average Property Maintenance Annually: $708.00

At Smartland® we have a saying, “No home comes without maintenance,” and we mean that to the full extent. We have a specific standard that all of our homes need to meet. Since every home is completely renovated prior to tenant placement and investment, this means less work will be needed down the road. The homes are all updated to modern and expert condition. After tenants are placed, we offer a 24/7 maintenance team that will be ready at any minute.

Year over Year Tenant Turn-Over: Reduced by 36%

We always encourage our leasing agents to negotiate longer leases at the time of lease renewal. We always make sure to keep an “open door” policy. When our tenants have a comment, we want to make sure they are heard. If they have any suggestions on where we can improve, we take it into consideration. Working with tenants hands on, allows us to improve and become a better service provider. In addtion to placing great tenants, and always listening, we make sure our tenants are 100% satisfied with their homes. Tenants so pleased with our services, more often than not, they re-sign and stay as our tenants for an extended period of time.

Average Time to Bring Home Back to Market: 4.9 days

At Smartland®, we require all tenants to inform us 60 days prior to their lease expiration date. If we cannot renew the tenant for another lease we begin the marketing process immediately. It is important to make sure no home sits vacant and not on the market. The moment we know a home is going to be available, is the same moment we begin the marketing process. In a matter of a few days after a tenant moves out, the house has been cleaned, fixed up, and placed on the market ready to be shown. A vacant home does nobody any good, and we make sure they do not stay vacant for long.

Goldwater Bank

Our Preferred Lender

Goldwater Bank offers a wide range of Conventional, FHA, and VA products that are fully underwritten and approved in-house. As a direct lender and FDIC bank, we have the ability to control the process from start to finish to ensure a timely closing and to deliver the numbers you were promised upfront. In addition to traditional mortgage products, we offer a full range of specialty products including a bank statement, investor cashflow, reverse mortgage, purchase, renovation, and construction loans. Apply today at gwblending.com.

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