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Property Management

Smartland® is a premier provider of property management services, leveraging its industry expertise and deep sector connections to give clients peace of mind when it comes to property administration.

We provide strategic counsel on a wide array of transactions, including properties for rent or sale, expert advice to investors and tenants, and self-directed IRAs. Our unparalleled experience in the Northeast Ohio area and decades-long expertise in real estate investment property position us as one of the top go-to advisory brokerages in Ohio and the Midwest.

Real Estate Investment Property Management

We manage real estate investment property for a wide base of clients, from sophisticated investors looking to diversify their portfolios to individuals seeking a secondary, passive source of income. Our team of specialists culls local data to understand key trends, analyze the rental market, and provide strategic advice to clients. We also advise clients on hybrid transactions – that is, whether a rental, outright sale, or hybrid structure is the best option, given the specific set of circumstances, market fundamentals, buyer interest, financing options and economic factors.

For Tenants

At Smartland®, we exceed the expectation of our residents by providing professional service in a way that is efficient and convenient. To ensure the satisfaction of our clients, we provide all of your rental needs under one roof. From home search to lease signing, our experienced real estate agents are happy to walk you through the entire process. We make it easy for you to find a place to call home and once you do, you can rely on us for anything you need. For emergency maintenance, repairs, and more – we are never more than a quick phone call away.

Self-Directed IRA (US clients)

A self-directed Individual Retirement Arrangement (IRA) was developed for US clients that would like to diversify their retirement plan through real estate investment property. Smartland® works on behalf of clients to administer all types of IRA plans, ensuring that the plans adhere to state rules and IRS stipulations. We possess the expertise, resources, and connections to ensure that all properties under our administration meet regulatory requirements.

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