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About Smartland Turnkey Investments

We are among Northeast Ohio’s largest real estate investment firms and a provider of customized services for clients from various walks of life – from young professionals to seasoned entrepreneurs, academics, and retirees.

For years, our team has combined financial savvy with topology to help clients identify and invest in properties with a strong growth potential.

By “client,” we mean you.

Let us show you how to diversify your assets, use real estate investment property as a powerful tool for long-term retirement planning, and grow your portfolio over time.

We analyze your property investing needs, match them with properties that fit your risk profile, and recommend asset allocations into properties as varied as commercial centers, shopping malls, your typical corner store, and single-family homes.

We will only recommend to you turnkey properties we think can add value to your portfolio.

Smartland® possesses the technical knowledge to help you achieve the optimal capital structure for your real estate portfolio.

We use our extensive lender connections to help you finance purchasing your first investment property, working with other maintenance companies to ensure and maintain the structural integrity of the property upon purchase.

When it comes to purchasing your first investment property, you can trust us because we understand the real estate investment process inside and out.

For years, we have provided strategic help to property management companies, making sure they periodically optimize asset values through renovation, maintenance, and year-end appraisal review.

As a top real estate investment firm in Ohio, we will walk you through our unique approach to investing in property, explaining the intricacies of property trends and how they affect the local market and national sector.

We talk the Wall Street talk, but we also understand what Main Street is saying. We can bring both streets to your neighborhood.

Investment Recommendations

Our investment recommendations help you analyze your property investing ideas, assign merit to ideas with potential, and suggest turnkey properties that fit your budget and risk profile.

We guide you through all aspects of a typical transaction – whether it is a sale or purchase – by explaining to you why an effective investment strategy is important in identifying the right real estate investment property, evaluating it, allocating the right funding strategy, and closing it.

Business and Real Estate News

Our team of in-house finance experts and IT specialists has built an expansive database of business and real estate investment news, not only in Northeast Ohio but also in major national real estate hotbeds.

As a premier provider of real estate investment property news, Smartland® Investments attempts to bridge the information gap that could cause you substantial losses in the short term and a negative return on your investment in the long term.

Make sure to check out our Business and Real Estate News section often to stay informed of key trends in the real estate investment property market.

Property Management and Optimization

Property management and optimization is a practice that Smartland® has developed over many years, mainly to serve clients as varied as individual owners, real estate investment trusts, and commercial landlords.

With our vast network of property managers, renovation services, and real estate investors, we can provide you with a complete suite of services once you have purchased your first investment property.

Principal Investments

Smartland® uses proprietary models to identify and seize real estate investment property opportunities that are financially favorable, taking principal positions or joining a syndicate of investors to purchase a specific asset.

We constantly review our portfolio of principal investments to identify things like risk, return and underlying asset correlation.

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