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From Humble Beginnings to a Rich History of Successful Real Estate Management

The history of Smartland® goes back to 2008, with the founding of two important companies in the Cleveland real estate industry: Cleveland Restoration Group and Cleveland Property Management.

A dedicated group of skilled real estate professionals and investors established both companies after thorough market analysis following the Real Estate crash. Analysis showed a gap between existing need and reliable real-estate services in Northeastern Ohio. These companies offered asset management solutions to the local for local and global lenders. Today, Cleveland Restoration Group has completely folded its operations into Smartland®, bringing in over 10 million dollars in revenue.

In addition, at the peak of its operation Cleveland Property Management, a division of Smartland® has had over 1000 units under management, and part of this portfolio worth approximately 90 million dollars, has been acquired by a National Real Estate Company in 2015.

For several years, Cleveland Restoration Group and Cleveland Property Management worked independently and through individually established partnerships with great success, but a demand for additional services still existed, prompting the establishment of two new companies that were essential in the founding of Smartland®: Cleveland Real Estate Development and CPMG Realty. Both companies fill their respective niches. Although all four companies experienced success in the Northeastern Ohio real estate market, they operated independently, which meant that clients had to be shuffled back and forth between them to take advantage of their respective services.

The executive teams of each of the companies began realizing that their clients could benefit from a single entity that offered streamlined, comprehensive asset management services and talks were initiated to discover how this need could best be met. A well-rounded operation offering everything from Asset Management to Real Estate Investments.

In 2012, Smartland® was formally established as a consortium of Cleveland Restoration Group, Cleveland Property Management, Cleveland Real Estate Development and CPMG Realty. Smartland’s mission to offer clients a seamless, exclusive experience for their real estate needs was deemed essential to the continued growth of all four companies. After years of operating individually or through partnerships, a consolidation of services was implemented. This consolidation allowed the companies to streamline their processes, offer a higher level of service and ensure that the needs of their clients served before anything else.

Today, Smartland® operates in two distinctive arenas Asset management and real estate development focusing on single and multifamily residential real estate. With an impressive portfolio and motto to serve their clients,  Smartland® moves into a new era, the era of amenities…

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