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Smartland® helps you cope with every issue, big or small, related to property investing.

We present you with real estate investment property opportunities that are currently available in the market and help you seize them by studying your portfolio and connecting you with lenders.

Our strongest suit is turnkey property investments, but we also have core operational expertise – that is, strategic counsel that spans the whole commercial realm, touching on things like real estate companies, analysis of real estate stock market performance, asset optimization and value tracking, and independent research of each asset that we offer.

Alternative investment strategies

We help you understand that a real estate investment property is an effective, alternative investment that you can add to your retirement portfolio.

We use a multi-strategy investment process that centers around a deep understanding of real estate trends, making sure we diversify our target assets or recommended portfolio to achieve superior returns with low volatility.

We aim to deliver a long-term annual return in the double digits, capturing favorable upward market trends in real estate equity and generating long-term performance with lower volatility.

Our clients count on us to provide actionable advice in rising or falling markets, and we take that trust seriously.

Our proprietary tools constantly monitor market conditions to ensure prompt asset allocation, maintain original investments or build upon them and outperform the broader real estate benchmarks.

Transactional guidance

We work with you on various types of transactions, focusing on Northeast Ohio, providing strategic recommendations and ensuring that the decision-making process is objective and unbiased.

Our goal is clear: make you, our customer, succeed. We tap into our expansive network of title companies, contractors, lawyers, appraisers, surveyors, and property brokers to ensure a prompt and complete transaction.

These specialists, whom we have cultivated for several years, provide tactical transactional suggestions and make sure only strategies involving clear commitment from all parties are kept in the end.

In one sentence: We guide you from the beginning of the process until the end.

Help in financing transactions as diverse as property purchase, sale, renovation, or conversion

We understand that banks and other loan providers may be critical of your transaction, and our team of specialists is ready to help you navigate the subtleties of real estate loans.

Smartland® provides expertise and a unique approach in projects as varied as outright purchase, conversion, renovation, property management, and sale. We know key elements that prospective lenders and investors seek, and we will help you draft investment memoranda that are complete, abiding by the law, and in sync with your investment strategy.

Our network of transaction sponsors includes:

  • Regional banks
  • National banks
  • Investment banks
  • Construction companies
  • Management companies
  • Insurance companies

Portfolio-based strategies

At Smartland®, we understand how to build low-risk investment portfolios by preserving the underlying value of our clients’ properties.
Our focus is you – our client.

We will work with your investment adviser to make him or her aware of their responsibilities in the mitigation of risks such as market, credit, technology, regulation, and reputation.

Our investment strategies center on rigorous research, real estate management expertise, and analytical savvy – the kind of trifecta you achieve after spending years analyzing everything from low-return properties to large multi-unit apartments.

Multimanager strategies

Multimanager means that behind your one point of contact in our company are several managers, each with different expertise, that together aim to help you achieve your goal. The multi-manager strategy is based on due diligence by various portfolio managers based on criteria that we and you have chosen.

We help various clients to build and preserve capital and property value using custom-made multi-manager strategies.

Our approach is unique and unparalleled in the Northeastern Ohio and national real estate sector.

Based on this due diligence we can assist you in investing in a wide variety of real estate assets including single-family homes, multi-family homes, apartment buildings, and commercial real estate.

At Smartland®, our multi-manager strategies vary by client, location, risk profile, and investment objective. These strategies include:

  • Distressed properties
  • New developments
  • Commercial/residential combos
  • Residential conversion transactions
  • Commercial conversion transactions
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