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At Smartland® we combine architectural ingenuity, industry connections, and home improvement skill to modify the look and feel of properties at any level of renovation.

Renovation Techniques

Our renovation services use state-of-the-art techniques to revitalize aged residences, while making sure the modifications fit with clients’ needs and design specifications.  We work with any budget level, and our diverse project portfolio expands year after year. Give us a call today, and let us show you how and why we have satisfied so many clients over the years.

Types of Renovation

Whether it is converting an unfinished basement into a home theater, completely revamping a bathroom, upgrading a kitchen to that polished state you have always dreamed of, or building an addition our Renovation Services have the reputation of exceeding clients’ expectations.

Renovation Team

Our engineers, home improvement specialists, and architects have an eye for detail, an ear for customer sensibility, and the business expertise necessary to understand a specific project and stay within budget. We take a client’s view, map it from A to Z, inject creativity and architectural flair, and make sure the end product is stellar.

A Broad Client Base

We work with a wide assortment of clients, from individual tenants and municipal landlords to property investors, developers, and real estate investment trusts. Over the years, our company has developed and employed proprietary models and a unique approach to renovating, starting with architectural design and budget planning, and ending with a final project executed on-time. We evaluate all properties under renovation to cover all operational angles, including zoning law, the particulars of supply and demand in our market, and the best way to integrate all of the above with clients’ expectations.

A Unique Renovation Approach

During budget planning, our specialists delve into expense thresholds and project accounting to ensure that the renovation costs create a big and positive impact in generating high returns on the investment to our clients. The architectural execution phase enables us to impress customers by finding designs, structures, and construction models that are esthetically, operationally, financially, and legally compatible with the client’s or prospective tenant’s specifications. Our quality of work is the foundation for all our renovation projects. Upon completion each project is reviewed by 2 qualified RPM’s (Renovation Project Manager), an important step in managing and implementing renovation initiatives. We offer a six-month minimum guarantee on all renovation projects, a testament to show how confident we are in the quality of our work.

Superior ROI

With our total guarantee program, we promise that the investor will earn a per-project ROI well above industry rates and capital-market returns. Call us today; our team of specialists will walk you through our unique renovation approach, superior client services, quality of work, and our operational efficiencies.

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