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Success Stories

Tiffany A.

You guys are AWESOME!
We lost an escrow officer in December, and due to that, I’ve been working on several investor files. Before now, your files were the only ones I worked on. Let me tell you – I always knew you were wonderful to work with, but I had no idea how wonderful. You could sell courses on how to handle the closing process for investment properties. Seriously, what I have seen is unbelievable.


Justin P.

I have purchased several properties from Steven and the team at Smartland®. They are easy to get a hold of when needed, honest, and trustworthy. It’s perfect for a hands-off portfolio. Each deal went smoothly and the team is more than willing to help to ensure it stays that way. I highly recommend Smartland® and will continue to purchase properties from them!


Brittany H.

I love Smartland® I love Alex and all the Maintenance team. I don’t have to constantly call. I just give them a call and they come out immediately! I have been with this company for 6 years renting and they have been great. No problems here and will continue to stay in business with them!!



Out of the 3 company I worked with, Smartland® were the winners. I wish I bought originally more with you and not just 1/4 of my Cleveland portfolio.


Jill T.

I have been working with Steven and his team for almost a year and it has been a great experience. The entire team has been very responsive to all of my questions and the communication is great. Steven is thorough and takes the time to explain the details. He does a great job and I feel very comfortable working with him. Smartland® is great…highly recommended!


John C. (California)

I couldn’t be happier with your guys service and quality.


Einat and Shlomo

Thank you for your excellent work. We are really happy that we chose you


Sandra J.

Also, are you guys under new management? Its a pleasure dealing with you!


V. Nyemba

As I mentioned, we are very pleased to be in the home. Additionally, I want to thank the Smartland® staff (especially Alison B) for such a great and welcoming experience.



Thanks again for managing this whole process. You demonstrated that Smartland® is a great company to have helping me with my house.


R. and I.

Thank you Irina and Alison, We truly appreciate your hard work and responsiveness, for us these are assets that are priceless. We are truly looking forward to expand our business with you.


Bob S.

Latasha, thanks very much. It was great talking to you today. I really appreciate the personal attention you gave to me and to my concerns. Your excellent service brightened my day! I hope you have a good day, and an enjoyable weekend.


Melony W.

I did want to say thank you, by the way, for the prompt responses and for trying to figure this situation out for us. Compared to landlords I’ve dealt with in the past, thus far our experience with this company has been a breeze. There are multiple people available to contact, everyone has been easy to communicate with, the contractor Joe who came out for repairs yesterday was pleasant and paid a lot of attention to detail and listening to all of our issues, and I cannot say enough about what a pleasure it was to work with James during the process of viewing the house and signing the lease. It has only been a month in, but as of now I would never hesitate to rent through CPM again or recommend it to people I know. So again, thank you for the breath of fresh air.


Mike H.

This arrangement has served us well and wanted to make sure we would not be impacted. We kind of fell into the landlord universe by accident but our relationship with CPMG has served us well and we see the financial benefits that an investment property can offer. I think often about expanding to additional properties. That has been put on hold to some degree with our third child arriving any day but I will likely revisit the opportunity to evaluate the addition of a new property in the next few years. I have been an advocate for your services to others that I come across so feel free to shoot me a note if you are ever looking for a testimonial regarding a positive customer experience. Congratulations on the growth and re-branding. Sounds like some exciting times at your company.



Thanks Elena,You folks have been totally professional with the rental, so I have a lot of confidence in you. You run a good company.



Thanks for all your help getting us started Alison. We couldn’t (wouldn’t) have done it without you.



Please be assured that I am 100% satisfied with Your Group, and think everyone there is doing a fantastic job, and as soon as I have made the improvements I will contact you immediately to re-lease the Condo. Thank you



Thanks so much. You guys are so good about everything. I really appreciate all the heads up when things aren’t going well.


Michael A.

I wanted to make sure I thanked everyone there for helping me manage my property–especially Alex who had the most direct contact with the tenant.



Thanks to all of you! My mother and I were just talking about how, thus far, you guys have been wonderful and have done exactly what was promised! That is hard to find these days, so it is much appreciated! Here’s to hoping this whole lease goes as smoothly. It will make for a great first experience!


Caroline Ford

We have 2 rental homes serviced by your company and I wanted to pass on some feedback on Dustin. He’s helped us so much throughout the years. He’s always very responsive when there’s a maintenance issue with one of our homes. I think his relationships with the city inspectors really help too. He’s the one person in the company who I talk to the most and I appreciate having 1 point of contact. We’re extremely happy with the service he provides.


Sincerely, Hillel

“It wasn’t easy at all, but the hard work you and your team put on this, paid off. I must say that it was impressing to track how efficient, quick, reliable, and professional job you are doing there. I’m happy to be your client and maybe we could work together on new deals in the future.”



“Your company has done very well by us. I was very happy to endorse you. I think it was the least I could do. Merry Christmas.”


Annette Potokar, BSNRN

“The whole process from the beginning to the end was a Great experience. The staff was very professional, patience n courteous. Thank u Steve n Elena.”


Regards, Chirag

“What I felt from the interaction with your company and our needs as property owners, you satisfied and made a smooth transition and transaction.”


Sincerely, Brenda

“Thank you for all your help and support this morning. It makes me so very happy that I went with your company.”


Sincerely, Kent and Vera W.

“Once again we would like to take a moment to “Thank You” for the privilege, of renting through your organization, a wonderful home in Lyndhurst, Ohio. The experiences that we have had with your company are fantastic. We look forward to a continued relationship with you. Please make aware to the homeowner(s) of the tremendous time we have enjoyed their property.”


Thank You, Jonathan

“I really appreciate it! You guys are great! It’s hard to own property out of state but you guys make it easy… You can put that in a testimonial somewhere…”


Thanks, Steven

“Thanks for joining me to meet this 203K customer. I really appreciate your time and efforts with this type of a customer. Your professionalism is always a plus at this type of a meeting. As always, it is a pleasure working with you and your team.”


Sincerely, Eddie

“I am most impressed and grateful for your professional and prompt handling of the renting out of my home! Thank you so very, very much!”


Sincerely, Eddie

“One year ago, I had my first contact with Cleveland Property Management. They really helped me to get out of my previous property management nightmare. Their staff took over the management of the property in a very clear and professional way. They began to market it, even when it was not the ideal time to find tenants. When they finally closed a lease with a tenant, they found a quality tenant that has been there since.

Their services were excellent… we always received clear and almost immediate answers to our different questions. Their staff si always trying to help and advise on different matters that we were not aware of. They even agreed to be our local representant for this property, and help us with all the formal matters linked to the property.

What a huge difference… when you know and feel you have someone there that is truthful and dependable and will take care of any problem almost immediately. Cleveland Property Managment Group is very well organized and service oriented… you will receive automatic e-mails for every event, repairs needed, and rent that was paid by the tenant.

They make everything clear and simple, and I am glad to recommend Cleveland Property Management Group to everyone”


Todd and Gary, Australia

“Gary and I are beyond pleased with CPMG! You guys make everything so easy, professional, and efficient. We are no longer constantly stressed and feel like we are being taken advantage of. A big thank you to your great team from the other side of the world!!”


Kind Regards, Ted Mathew, MD

Dear Cleveland Property Management Group,

“After hearing the disconcerting news over the years of the progressive bear market, I had little hope of selling my condominium when I was finally ready to move onto the next phase of my life. After struck with that realization, I felt the overwhelming weight in the daunting task of leasing my home–finding a renter, affirming his or her credibility, knowing my home would still be safe, managing the place from a distance, and not knowing the nuances to get that done made it all more frightful. So me and my significant other did our research, talked to many people, and came across CPMG. New to the idea, I emailed the most vague email as a starting point to Elena Abramovich from CPMG. The questions I had no idea of asking were replied to in a very comprehensive email detailing the services they provided. I was pleasantly surprised to the say the least to know that the above concerns were handled by them; questions and issues that I never thought of were answered, and much more. The email itself acted as an anxiolytic to my worries. This email was sent Aug 1st; I met Elena Abramovich on Aug 10th.

After speaking with her, my confidence in the process rose, and I felt my place was safe and secure in her and her groups’ hands. I signed my part of the agreement with CPMG on Aug 12th. By Sept 7, my place officially became rented. The renter was reliable, had good references, good credit, background checks were performed, safety concerns were instituted on his end of the contract, periodic home inspections would occur, issues would be answered by them, payments would be directly deposited into my account, etc.

My role was minimal at best. I’ve already made several referrals to my colleagues regarding them and would like to share my experience with the rest of the Cleveland community. I’m hoping to one day sell my place, and if renting a place was done as quickly and efficiently as I evidenced, then I will be asking them to sell my place at some point down the road. Thank you, Elena and CPMG.”


Carrie G

“Living in another state, I was concerned if I had the time and resources to rent my property but after contacting Cleveland Property Management Company their assistance has made it a possibility. After being “For Sale” for three years (off and on) I was pleasantly surprised at the level of interest in renting my home and in only 36 days tenants moved into the property which was a financial relief! From the time I contacted Elena, she and the other staff were attentive, efficient and much more experienced than I was at property management. I feel confident and hopeful about renting my home through Cleveland Property Management company.”


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