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Our Favorite Social Media Marketing Tips for Real Estate Investors

social media marketing tipsIn the real estate world, connections are everything. This applies to finding the best properties to add to your portfolio, finding a buyer when it’s time to sell a property, as well as marketing the properties you currently have for rent.

From real estate networking to investment property marketing, social media should be a strategic part of your business. These social media marketing tips will help you better reach out to contacts and make every post more effective at getting attention and generating leads.

5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Real Estate Investors

1. Do Not Ignore Social Media

“I don’t do Facebook or Instagram.” “I’m just not one for social media.” If these words have come out of your mouth recently, this first tip is for you. The most valuable of all the social media marketing tips is not to ignore social media. First, it provides an easy and free way for you to network with others in the real estate community, as well as advertise your properties. Most importantly, social media is where most people go to find anything — whether they’re looking for a person, a business, a product, or a property. Neglect to market your investment properties on social media and you’re neglecting a huge portion of prospective contacts and clients.

2. Pay Attention to Account Settings

For those who are new to social media, one of the most common initial mistakes is putting up post after post on an account that’s either locked or set to private. This can create frustration as you post beautiful photos of your properties and receive little to no response. If you want your social media posts to be visible to the public (as opposed to only being visible to people you’ve approved or those in your Friends group), make sure your account settings are in order.

3. Utilize Blog Content

While posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are fantastic, they don’t leave you much room to really stretch out and talk at length to your followers. This is why blogs are such an effective tool. High-quality content will engage your audience and take them in any direction you’d like them to go.

One of the most useful social media marketing tips pertaining to sharing blog posts is to remember that people get tired of constantly being the target of sales pitches. In addition to posting vacancies and exciting new rental properties you have available for rent or for sale, seek to entertain and educate everyone who visits your blog. Write an article highlighting the benefits of living in a particular part of town where you have properties for rent. Once you’ve crafted an enticing blog post, share it on all of your social media channels to drive traffic there.

4. Make Every Post High-Quality

Social media sites function on algorithms that show users posts they’re most likely to interact with. This means that if you turn people off by being overly salesy or boring, they won’t engage with you and your posts won’t show up in their feed. Seek to grab your audience’s attention with every post, whether you wow them with a stunning photograph of a property or provide them with an exciting headline that makes them want to read more.

5. Don’t Forget LinkedIn

Although sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram top the list in terms of truly “social” social media outlets, LinkedIn is a must for professionals. Having a LinkedIn profile will not only help you market your properties and reach out to your target audience, it will also give you credibility and the appearance of true professionalism to anyone who is researching you or your properties.

Whether you’re hoping to sell a rental home or simply want prospective tenants to know that you’re a reliable, conscientious landlord, LinkedIn is an excellent way to get your name and face out there in a professional capacity. The internet provides an entire universe of potential to grow your business and increase your list of contacts. With these social media marketing tips in mind, you’ll be better equipped to make an impact with every photo, post, and comment you send out.

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