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Retirement Bliss: Cash Flow with True Turnkey Real Estate

Consistent, self-sustaining income is a lifelong retirement goal for everyone. When that income is attained without much time or effort from the retiree, that isn’t just an achievement; it is what we call retirement bliss.

Acquiring turnkey real estate investments for a steady source of retirement income can help investors systematically build a diversified portfolio that harnesses the benefits of income-producing properties. Financial independence originates with a long-term view, a plan for diversification and a goal that some investments must offer sustaining cash flow from day one.

Some of the most successful income-generating investment properties are single-family turnkey rental properties, with their potential for stable, long-term tenants. We at Smartland manage single-family turnkey rental properties as investments for our customers, many of whom are investing as a means of consistent income throughout their retirement. 70% of our customers return to make a second and a third investment, which is a testimony to the way we walk people, just like you through the investment process, the way we manage the properties after the initial investment and the overall profit these investors are experiencing with Cleveland’s residential real estate opportunities.

Adding turnkey rental properties to an investment portfolio means you are serious about diversifying your portfolio to take care of you in your retirement. If an investor is facing retirement with a portfolio based entirely on stocks, those stocks have to be sold to realize the financial benefits. And stocks can only be sold once. Residential real estate investments, on the other hand, offer income potential that can carry a retiree to the end of life.

We at Smartland analyse your investment needs and match them with turnkey real estate investments that fit your risk profile. We recommend asset allocations into properties that suit your needs. Our team combines financial savvy with topology to help you identify and invest in turnkey residential real estate with a strong growth potential and cash flow. We tap into our expansive network of title companies, contractors, lawyers, appraisers, surveyors, and property brokers to walk you through all transaction.

Why consider Cleveland and Northeast Ohio suburbs for turnkey residential real estate? Cleveland and Northeast Ohio suburbs are some of the last places in the US where there are pockets of real estate investment properties under $100,000 still available. In the Northeast Ohio market, retirees can afford not just one income-generating property but can groom their investments to include several.

Not only are the Cleveland and Northeast Ohio housing markets affordable ones, they both set in an economically-vibrant area with suburbs positioned for growth. Because of Cleveland’s annual employment growth and income per capita, the city’s recovery from the recession was ranked 10th out of the top 50 metropolitan areas in the US with strong economic rebounds, according to Brookings Institute and the London School of Economics.

That economic rebound has sustained power behind it. New business growth, new construction, a burgeoning biotech research industry are driving massive relocation of employees to Northeast Ohio. Those employees seek living spaces, the rental markets skyrockets and turnkey residential real estate investments bring in consistent cash flow for retirees like you.

While Cleveland’s housing marketing is topping $1.5B, other industries are showing equally strong performances: the arts in Cleveland represent a $500 million industry, entertainment is a $1 billion, education $300 million, and advanced medical facilities and practices at $1 billion. The convention industry can best be described as ‘thriving’. And the backdrop of this economic bustle is Cleveland’s lush geography, with Lake Erie’s beauty, a vast network of parks and the 33,000-acre Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

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