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Advance Fee Fraud

Advance Fee Fraud is any commission scam that leads investors to believe that in order for a deal to go through, a fee must be paid up front. Investors are often promised the money back at a later time but never receive it. Because scams are rampant on the Internet, people are certainly aware of the most infamous scams that have circulated the web in recent history. These scams are essentially designed to acquire one’s money or other assets. For example, the Advance Fee Fraud is usually perpetrated by e-mail, requesting that the recipient help them transfer a large sum of money and in return, they will receive a large share of that money. Of course, this scheme requests a hefty sum to transfer the money and investors never see their share as promised. Regarding real estate, Advance Fee Fraud targets property owners most often and aims to defraud them out of their money and assets. The property owner will receive an e-mail or an out of state call concerning a property that they have up for sale and once they have a client who is ready to make the purchase, they request the owner send a check, and the perpetrator disappears with the money.

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