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Bull Market

An optimistic market condition that is characterized by rising stock prices and anticipated gains by investors. Bull Market is a financial term used to depict a buoyant market for an investor. This term is commonly used in stock trading to signify a period in which stock prices sky rocket and an investor can sell and make huge profits. The term can equally be applied to foreign currency trading, commodity trading, bond trading, and the real estate market. When it comes to the real estate industry, this term will work well when it is a “buyers market”, when the prices of properties drop significantly below market price and investors are able to enjoy huge gains from purchasing properties. A Bull Market is characterized by investor optimism and boosted confidence because it projects an upward trend in market prices. It is to the advantage of investors that the demand increases at the same time that price increases. This is the same expectation of a rising market for an investor. Since it is the hope of every person investing in any venture to make a profit, the Bull Market will be the preferred market condition for investors.

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