Classes are various forms of shares that are issued from an individual fund (usually named alphabetically). A Class is a group of shares that have the same rights, are issued from the same fund, and basically share the same worth among all other shares within that Class. Classes can be from shares, stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and other investment options. Shares do not have to be issued from only one Class, rather shares can be issued in multiple Classes and can each individual Class can have a different value, but all the shares within a single specific Class will be equal. These Classes basically invest in the same area but have different shareholder services such as different costs, expenses, and distributions. Commonly you can find a multi-class option that gives investors the ability to invest depending on what their ultimate end goal is. For instance a company can issue 300 shares into three different Classes, 100 shares each into class A, B, and C. Each class might have its own fees, its own rights, and other benefits. While Class A and Class B might not share the same fees and terms as Class C, all the shares within Class A will be equal to all other shares within Class A. The same goes for Class B and Class C.

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