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Deferred Sales Charge

The sales charge that investors are required to pay when mutual fund securities are sold or redeemed. A Deferred Sales Charge is a term that is used quite often in relation to real estate investment. This charge is essentially a fee that is paid by investors when a specific investment is sold. A Deferred Sales Charge is typically paid upfront and can also be referred to as a back end load. Back end loads are commonly acquired when an investment is sold. They may be applicable in real estate investment properties but not in all real estate transactions. These are some of the options you may wish to consider when looking for real estate investments. Be aware of the fees and contingencies associated with these plans prior to a large sale. A Deferred Sales Charge in terms of real estate is generally a 1 percent sales tax. This tax is applicable to many real estate fees. Those who are using real estate for investments should consult with tax professionals prior to the sale of the properties.

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