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Dividends are essentially the fraction of a firm’s revenue that is paid out to its shareholders and one way in which investors are able to earn returns from current stocks or reinvest shares into other investment vehicles. Aside from rental income and property value appreciation, investors also have the opportunity to earn Dividends from real estate through a real estate investment trust (REIT). Typically, a real estate investment trust is a pre-established portfolio of income generating properties that a number of investors can invest in jointly. REIT’s earn Dividends similarly to the returns that are made from owning rental property- either monthly, annually, or semi-annually. The number of shares that you have invested in such real estate investment trusts will determine the amount of money that is made in the form of Dividend payouts and returns. There are many REITs available for accredited investors that will pay out monthly or annual Dividends so as to add to investors’ additional monthly income.

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