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Enrollment Fee

An Enrollment Fee is one of many miscellaneous fees that is associated with becoming certified and licensed to assist customers with real estate transactions. License requirements vary by state, but at the very least, a real estate course is required for anyone who is interested in becoming a licensed real estate agent. Whether the course is offered by an established real estate firm or an independent business college, an Enrollment Fee is required as part of the overall cost of tuition. The Enrollment Fee will help offset the overhead and administrative expenses for the company offering the real estate course. Federal guidelines mandate certain aspects of real estate transactions, such as specific paperwork required for mortgage applications and deed transfers. The federal government also controls the maximum amount of commission that can be charged in specific real estate transactions as well as general rules that protect potential homeowners against predatory lending practices and discrimination in the home buying process. Most other features of real estate transactions are managed by the individual state in which the real property is located. Local governments such as villages and counties can also determine if transfer fees, recording fees, and other miscellaneous fines will be charged for certain real estate transactions. All of this material will be covered in a real estate course that is designed to prepare agents for the complete settlement process.

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