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Financial Product

A Financial Product is a type of instrument that may assist people in investing, buying insurance, or obtaining a mortgage. It is essentially a contract between two agents that specifies the movement of cash now and in the future based on a certain period of time. Financial Products are usually issued by major financial institutions, credit card agencies, banks, and government sponsored agencies. Some examples of these products are; mutual funds, swaps, certificate of deposits, annuities, futures, insurance policies, complex structured products, and so on. Although a Financial Product is not tangible it is valuable in that it can provide convenience to one’s everyday life; for example having a bank account to manage finances. In terms of real estate, VA and FHA loans are the most common Financial Products associated with home mortgages. All of these mortgage products can come in diverse forms; it can be have variable or fixed interest rates for a period of time typically ranging between 15 to 30 years.

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