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Cleveland Restoration Group Spearheads Extensive Restoration Efforts in East Side of Cleveland

Cleveland Restoration Group, a unit of Smartland, today announced that it is expanding its renovation efforts in the east side of Cleveland, continuing to improve neighborhoods where it has undertaken significant renovation activities in the past 24 months. The renovation efforts include the neighborhoods of Slavic Village, Buckeye-Shaker, Kinsman, Union-Miles Park, Woodland Hills and Collinwood.

For the past several months, Cleveland Restoration Group has restored hundreds of homes in Eastern Cleveland, and the latest effort is part of an ongoing commitment to regenerate this economically important area and to bring better communities to the Northeastern Ohio suburbs.

“Cleveland Restoration Group is very proud to lead the restoration effort in Eastern Cleveland,” said Vadim Kleyner, Chief Executive Officer of Smartland, Cleveland Restoration Group’s parent company. “We believe this restoration campaign is a win-win situation for the residents of Eastern Cleveland, the local business community and Northeastern Ohio suburbs in general.”

Cleveland Restoration Group aims to revive social life in the east side of Cleveland and bring better communities in the region. “We believe that an influx of renovated or new residences appeals to economically stable families, and low vacancy rates typically lead to less crime,” added Kleyner. Besides dwindling crime rates, renovated neighborhoods also lead to a more vibrant public-school system, which will help attract businesses of all sizes to Eastern Cleveland. This development ultimately will contribute to expand the city’s tax base—both in terms of fiscal revenue from companies and tax dollars from property owners.

Cleveland Restoration Group is confident the restoration efforts will significantly alter the economic and social profile of Eastern Cleveland. Cleveland Restoration Group is committed to working with other local partners—both private and public—to make the restoration initiative a success.

“We possess the human talent, technological expertise, regulatory acumen and local connections to spearhead this restoration initiative, and our years-long successful track record positions us well to undertake and successfully complete this kind of restoration project,” said Kleyner.

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