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Smartland Announces Plans for Portfolio Expansion Through the Acquisition of Residential Real Estate Properties in Northeast Ohio.

A leading real estate investment firm, Smartland, announces today its plans for portfolio expansion through the acquisition of residential real estate properties in Northeast Ohio. In response to the firm’s most successful year in sales in 2013, the exploration of 300 additional investment properties began earlier this year.

Since its establishment, Smartland has experienced monumental success in the local Northeast real estate investment industry as it’s portfolio has quickly grown to contain hundreds of residential properties throughout Cleveland’s suburbs. The capacity to widen the firm’s portfolio at a time when the real estate market is ‘on-the-rise’ offers great potential to investors who will have the ability to capitalize on property appreciation, as well as the immediate monthly income that will be paid in the form of tenant rent.

Primarily focusing on single-family homes among Cleveland’s most desirable suburban markets, the majority of Smartland’s properties are currently located in cities such as Cleveland Heights, Shaker Heights, South Euclid, and Bedford. The demand for long-term rental homes in these areas has risen noticeably over the past few years, allowing investors to generate revenue through positive monthly cash flow.The locations of Smartland’s forthcoming inventory were decided upon with the preferences of potential and existing real estate investors in mind.

Aside from increasing the real estate inventory from its current locations, Smartland now plans to further extend its presence outward to include neighborhoods in Willoughby and Parma, among others. By further expanding its portfolio, the firm aims to increase the market’s awareness of the real estate opportunities that are presently available in Northeast Ohio.

As the housing market continues to grow and recover, Smartland’s buy, fix, and sell strategy to accommodate passive real estate investors will continue to be a prosperous venture for every Smartland client. By providing investors with a widened variety of investment alternatives in the real estate market, Smartland insists that they will have a perfect property match for every kind of investor, regardless of their investing experience. Smartland expects 2014 to be the firm’s largest single-year expansion to date.

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