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Smartland Engages in Strategic Realignment, Unveils a New Brand

Smartland, a premier provider of real estate investment and management services, today announced the creation of a consortium under which it will consolidate all of the company’s business activities in order to better serve its clients and strategically align its long-term goals with its short-term operating model. The resulting rebranding blueprint will cover services currently provided by Smartland’s subsidiaries and affiliates, including Cleveland Property Management, Cleveland Restoration Group, Cleveland Real Estate Development, and CPMG Realty.

“Through this rebranding initiative, we aim to give our existing and future clients a single platform where they can get quick answers and make smart decisions about their real estate investments as well as find unique value propositions for their property management needs,” said Vadim Kleyner, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Smartland.

The rebranding initiative also comes on the heels of an operational shift the company recently did, in which it consolidated its various services into three key clusters: real estate investments, property management and renovation services.

“We are very excited about the strategic repositioning and feel confident that clients will wholeheartedly embrace the breadth and depth of our services as well as the planning tools and real estate news database we are introducing,” added Kleyner.

The company has a unique approach to property management and real estate investment analysis, a perspective that was drawn from real estate savvy, deep industry connections, and partnerships with other property managers across Ohio and other states.

Smartland serves a variety of client categories, ranging from teachers and university professors to retirees, business owners and young professionals. Over the last several years, the company—through its subsidiaries and affiliates—has won accolades for stellar customer service, and helped hundreds of clients identify and acquire properties with high growth potential, before assisting them in managing and selling the properties when market conditions are favorable.

Besides the expanded portfolio of services, Smartland has launched a state-of-the art, social-media-ready website at www.smartland.com. Existing and prospective clients can visit the company’s portal to learn more about its services along with financial planning tools that customers can use to gauge their economic situation before opting to invest in real estate.

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