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Smartland to Sponsor the 2013 Equity University Networking Conference; Remains a Top Provider of Real Estate Investment Solutions Through Self-Directed IRAs

Smartland, a premier provider of real estate investment management services, will attend the 2013 Equity University Networking Conference, from September 20 through 22 in Orlando, Florida. The conference is a salient industry event for alternative investment professionals, who can benefit from Smartland’s expertise in Self-Directed Individual Retirement Accounts and their use in real estate acquisition.

“Our presence at this event shows our commitment to helping our clients—and the public in general—secure their financial future through relevant wealth-building education, smart real estate investment, and profit-boosting connections,” says Vadim Kleyner, Smartland’s Chief Executive Officer. “Our number one priority is clear: to constantly provide expert real estate advice to our clients, helping them establish profit-generating strategies and tax-optimization tactics to build steady and secure revenue streams in the long term.”

By sponsoring the 2013 Equity University Networking Conference, Smartland aims to emphasize the importance of real estate as a high-yielding alternative investment, highlighting the long-term benefits to investors who buy real property through their self-directed IRAs. At the conference, Smartland will join more than 500 investors and real estate businesses—sharing, as an Event Sponsor, the spotlight with major industry players, including AR Capital, Affordable Leasing and Finance, Platinum Investment Properties Group, and Home Depot.

As an Event Sponsor, Smartland will have a dedicated booth where personnel will answer participants’ questions, from Smartland’s core services to financial planning tools and key trends in the real estate sector.

“We invite participants to stop by Smartland’s booth and speak to our expert and dedicated staff,” says Kleyner. “We will answer any questions about self-directed IRAs and real estate investment management, sharing with attendees our insight on key trends that are shaping the alternative investment industry. Stop by to have a quick chat, tell us your investment goals, and share your views about the economy and the real estate sector. And who knows—you might be the lucky winner of the iPad we will be giving away at the conference!”

For more than a decade, Smartland has educated investors and clients on alternative investment tactics, encouraging people to acquire real property through self-directed IRAs. These accounts are not different from other IRAs, except that self-directed IRAs allow account holders to have greater control over their investment strategies—diversifying their portfolio beyond the pre-packaged products available at traditional IRA custodians. Besides self-directed IRAs, Smartland for years has helped clients build a diverse, high-yielding portfolio by buying real property within their IRAs, Roth IRAs, SEP IRAs and Solo(k) plans.

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